Josh Byrne Took Hip Hop Dancing Classes Before Lacrosse Stardom


Josh Byrne has a knack for finding space and getting the shot or pass that he wants within an indoor or outdoor lacrosse game.

Through three seasons in the NLL, Byrne has 68 goals and 92 assists. In two seasons with the PLL’s Chaos LC, he has 45 points on 30 goals and 15 assists.

In short, Byrne knows how to dance around opposing defensemen — he’s been doing it ever since he picked up a lacrosse stick in Western Canada. He needed to work on his stick skills, but the footwork and dancing ability? He got started at a young age.

“I don’t like to admit this often, but I did maybe once or twice take a couple hip hop classes,” Byrne told Paul Carcaterra on the latest “Overtime” podcast. “It didn’t pan out too great. I wasn’t the best dancer.”

Byrne sat down with Carcaterra on Season 4, Episode 6 to talk about his lacrosse career, but he couldn’t ignore his dancing background.

Byrne started taking dance classes in his native New Westminster and really enjoy his time. He said that music was something he gravitated toward, and that dancing was one form of expressing that passion.

However, his peers didn’t always look at his hobby in a positive light. Dancing, at the time, was a mostly gender-specific endeavor.

“Back then, people would make fun of you or give you a hard time because you’re dancing,” he said.

Decades later, Byrne is still moving rhythmically around opposing defenders en route to lacrosse superstardom. He’s appeared on SportsCenter’s Top 10 and has seen his highlights go viral.

He still, though, would like to chase his former passion, one way or another. Don’t be surprised if you see Byrne on the dance floor again sometime soon.

“Now, we’re living in a bit of a different world, so I don’t know, maybe I’ll go back and do some hip hop classes,” he joked.

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