Just Play Helps Teams Thrive By Keeping Players and Coaches Connected

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Things are different this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced major changes in lacrosse and will continue to do so as we near the start of a new season.

Still, each program has the same question in mind: How do we prepare our players to compete at their best while staying safe and healthy?

The answer is simple: Teams that use and leverage technology will communicate more efficiently, train more effectively and set themselves up for greater success.  

We’ve already seen the change in our education system to a more technology-based way of teaching. However, it seems athletics has remained in the dark and has clutched onto a we’ve-always-done-it-this-way approach. It doesn’t work in the current climate. Just Play Sports Solutions has stepped into the darkness to be a game-changing light for the transition of technology into the sporting world. 

“Just Play enables us to connect with our coaches and players around the country, keeping our methodology and development consistent at every level,” said Regy Thorpe, chief lacrosse officer for 3d Lacrosse. “It’s a game-changer for teaching and growing the game. Just Play is a cutting-edge technology that empowers our staff and streamlines our workflow. An outstanding coaching tool.” 

More teams are looking for ways to improve their use of time, resources and knowledge. Just Play provides the bridge that brings coaches’ core values to the smartphones and tablets of the players.  

“Just Play has helped us teach tactical sets in an easy way for players to learn,” said Ricky Fried, head coach of the Georgetown women’s lacrosse team. “Having a digital playbook has been really helpful for both players and coaches.”

The change is here. From youth leagues to Division I programs, teams likely will face continued uncertainty and forced quarantining during the 2021 season. Those that are able to use technology not only to survive, but thrive, will be the most successful. Just Play is key to creating consistency for your program, regardless of physical presence, and helping give your team the competitive edge.

Learn more at JustPlaySolutions.com.

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