Find Your Edge With Brine's New Edge Pro

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It’s the new mantra for Brine, an affirmation to the brand’s commitment to female lacrosse athletes.

“In our research, we found that female players across many age groups felt overlooked and would consistently take a back seat to the men’s game,” said Jared Hager, marketing manager for Warrior, Brine and New Balance. “Knowing that, we felt compelled to align our brand with a message focused on bringing more visibility to the women’s game, and inspiring new athletes of all ages.”

As part of its brand refresh, Brine has designed a new logo and developed a new women’s lacrosse stick that hit the market in late February.

The most visible change is the logo. Brine has moved away from the king head that had been synonymous with the brand over the last decade. The new mark pays homage to the old Brine triad logo that existed prior to the transition to the king head.

“Brine has a rich history in a number of sports, but as we turned Brine’s focus to women’s lacrosse, the king head did not represent our future direction,” Hager said. “We wanted a universal logo that spoke to all parts of the business.” said Hager.

The Brine Edge Pro also represents a new look for the Brine brand. A head that features the highest level of offset Brine has ever produced, the Edge Pro also is the lightest stick the brand has ever made when joined with the Edge Pro Carbon handle. The geometry of the head is designed to push the ball right to the sweet spot, allowing for more control when cradling and power when passing and shooting.

However, the Edge Pro’s most notable technology is the all-new ISO Warp Mesh that comes strung into the stick. This new pocket gives all the benefits of the Warp — consistency in all weather conditions, hold and feel — while also giving the customization of a traditional strung pocket. Players will be able to adjust the pocket simply by tightening or loosening the bottom strings and can also change the position of the shooting strings to fit their gameplay.

“The Edge Pro gives those players the benefits of the Warp with the ability to customize,” said Jessica Slater, women’s lacrosse category manager at Brine. “We’ll continue to develop our Warp platform alongside more traditional sticks.”

Brine also has an unstrung option to accommodate different pockets.

Said Slater: “The new Edge Pro rounded out our stick platform to give players everything they need.”

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